Underwear from the gods

I’ve been on the lookout for alternatives to sanitary napkins. Hesitant to try leakproof underwear or liner, I thought menstrual cups were the ultimate answer to my needs. They seemed so perfect – easy to clean and offered the freedom to swim while bleeding. Alas, I met with its limitations. Being a case of vaginismus, I was forced to try other options to overcome my inhibitions. Will the liner or the leakproof underwear remain dry? Will it leak? Will it smell? I couldn’t decide.

As I tend to, I ran before I could walk. I ran faster than my inhibitions could catch up with me. It’s the only way I could break the thought paralysis. I bought some pairs of leakproof underwear from a Canadian company called Knix. I have been following the company for a while and I patiently waited until they came up with a cotton version of their products. A great example of asking brands for what you want. I did and so I received.

After months of using their period underwear, I’m confident that I will continue using them. They are dry and don’t stink, even after a long day of use. I can’t take them to the pool but I am willing to settle with everything else it offers me. Peace of mind and a clear conscience.

Our mental blocks refrain us from making making the right choices. What are your mental blocks? Are you wiling to take a leap of faith and just go do what’s right for you and the environment?

My previous blog post “Menstrual educations needs an upgrade” has a list of alternatives if you’d like to check them out.

Update (May 20, 2022): I noticed that this underwear started stinking after a while. So I reached out to the maker Knix for advice. Here’s what they said: “Sometimes odour can cling to leftover soap particles from washing. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, we recommend giving the leakproof underwear a short soak in cool water (no more than 30 min) then throwing them in the washing machine on cold without soap or softeners. From there, you dry as usual and repeat the process as needed. Normally, you should use a light soap or detergent with them. However, when you notice odour buildup, it could be due to leftover soap particles that are stuck in the garment. Sometimes this can be from not rinsing enough or from the type of detergent you use. Soaking and washing without any soap for a few times should help you remove that build-up as well as the odour.”

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