Wood & Wires

Hi there! How are you doing? I’m doing good. Had a long cold day out with my husband, being an adult, doing paperwork and stuff. Doesn’t sound fun at all but that’s what you get for being independent so that’s okay. Got my glasses fixed because I sat on them. Ended up watching a film that I went ‘Aw!’ at, A Christmas Prince, one of the many cliched films I like to enjoy every once in a while, do you?

A not so cliche song is Old Canal by Daniel Romano. Daniel Romano happens to be a Canadian, which makes me happy because I’m now in Canada! I broke a little rule that I made yesterday about choosing a word out of the song to write a blog about, instead, I picked a word out of the YouTube title – ‘Wood’. For me, the song compensates for it. And who cares as long as I’m motivated to write after all that was the whole point. No idea what I’m talking about? See yesterday’s blog Strobe Light.

We needed a container to hold lots of tiny things lying around near our fireplace. We don’t burn any wood in the fireplace, it’s just there for an aesthetic reason. We have a heater. We wanted something that would also do justice to the beauty of the fireplace. Luckily, we saw a small stall in a mall we often go to now. A company called Eco Decor was selling ECO Spirit Wood Collection which is made from sustainable wood. What fun! Pack me that small bucket!