Anuja Sawant

Creating a sustainable future with you 🌏

Wherever I go, I take the sustainability mindset with me, just like you.

Hi, I’m Anu. And I take that you are here to achieve your sustainability goals. Whatever they might be – integrating sustainability in your business, researching complex subjects, or breaking down environmental and social topics into simple understandable terms to an audience.

Clients worldwide have trusted me for the past 8 years by asking, “Anu, can we do this?” and you too can receive customized services for your needs. I’m as creative and open as my clients.

I look forward to hearing from you – about your unique challenges. No matter if it is a quick-fix or a long-term project. It’s a journey we will take together until we reach where you want to be.

I offer a range of related services listed below to help you achieve these goals.

Currently based out in Vancouver, Canada – I get my work done in the PST and other overlapping time zones.


Business development

What do you need to develop your business? Brainstorming? Strategizing? Getting an outside perspective often creates opportunities you may have missed looking inside out. My dedication lies in understanding what motivates you to reach your goals and the circumstances you are surrounded by. You can build meaningful partnerships within your community, position yourself with well-rounded research and latest external developments for a visionary view.


Coaching and education

What other clients say

We engaged Anuja to help us understand how to use LinkedIn for our work. Since we found her so professional and creative to work with, we then sought her help on Twitter. We enjoyed working with Anuja as she is amiable, very collaborative and seeks to provide her clients value that they are not able to access directly. She is timely and is conscientious on reporting and providing timely feedback. We wish Anuja all the best and will use her services again. ― Poonam Bir Kasturi, Founder Designer – Daily Dump

Even though we had to terminate this contract due to unforeseen circumstances, we are working very well on another project that is quite detailed and public-facing with high-level association leaders. I feel fortunate to have come across Anuja. Her skills are top-notch. – Lisa Julian Keniry, Founder and CEO – ESDI Group LLC


Invited to speak on Sustainable Menstrual Products


Interviewed by Institute of Chemical Technology (alma mater)


Interviewed by Indian Environment Network (

Got a question?

I offer a free 30-minute introductory call to learn about you and to see if we align.

We will spend the call talking about your needs and your goals. Get in touch with me and we can help your organization fulfil their potential!

If you are a student, I’ll be honored to coach you through your journey.

If you are a fellow consultant, let’s collaborate!

About Anuja

Sustainability consultant based in Vancouver, BC, Canada with happy clients in 5 countries since 2014.


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