Global warming? Think again.


“More water vapor enters the air as the planet warms, and this should amplify the CO2 -caused run-away heating except for one thing. Every now and again, the water vapor condenses into clouds, and then (sometimes) falls as rain or show. Clouds and snow reflect the incoming sunlight, and this leads to global cooling. Rain and snow drive water vapor from the air, and this leads to accelerated global cooling. To the extent that clouds are chaotic, and out of man’s control, the global climate should be chaotic too. So far, no one has a very good global model for cloud formation, or for rain and snowfall, but it’s well accepted that these phenomena are chaotic and self-similar (each part of a cloud looks like the whole). Clouds may also admit “the butterfly effect” where a butterfly in China can cause a hurricane in New Jersey if it flaps at the right time.” – Enlightening article, read more:

I mentioned something similar in one of my previous posts (Keeping an open mind, dated Feb 19, 2013). I said, “Global warming. It is safer to say you don’t know if it is happening than to be blindly sure that it is happening because everyone says so. Who’s to blame? Ineffective communication? I think I do not know much about it to come to a conclusion. When we talk about global warming, it is more of a global phenomenon. There are many problems that are common to all parts of the world, but not all of the problems, some of them need local care. Global warming is just a small part of the puzzle.”

When stony corals die and gorgonian corals flourish as the ocean warms up, when greenhouse emissions warm up the planet while particles; clouds and ice reflect the sun, I don’t know what to believe. Everything around us seems to be adapting or it is extinct and we are all in the same boat, so that applies to us too. So, all in all, I think green seems to be a good way to go about our current problems, especially pollution and waste.

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