Global warming? Think again.

“More water vapor enters the air as the planet warms, and this should amplify the CO2 -caused run-away heating except for one thing. Every now and again, the water vapor condenses into clouds, and then (sometimes) falls as rain or show. Clouds and snow reflect the incoming sunlight, and this leads to global cooling. Rain andContinue reading “Global warming? Think again.”

CO2: A friend or a foe?

  Looks like CO2 is both, a friend and a foe. The so-called anthropogenic CO2 seems to be greening the planet’s surface by aiding photosynthesis, according to a new research that calls this effect as the ‘CO2 fertilization effect’. This is just a theory, mind you. Trees seem to be using more of CO2 andContinue reading “CO2: A friend or a foe?”