Can bioplastics take over the world?

Plastics have most commonly and in large quantities been derived from petrochemicals. We call them ‘petroplastics’ or ‘fossil fuel plastics’. Bioplastics on the other hand are plastics made from renewable biomass sources, such as cellulose. Did you know? The first man-made plastic was manufactured from cellulose. It was called Parkesine. Not all bioplastics are degradable though.Continue reading “Can bioplastics take over the world?”

E. coli, the green celebrity!

Escherichia coli or more commonly known as E. coli, according to me, happens to be the celebrity of the green world when it comes to biology in green chemistry. These are the friendly bacteria that live in our guts and help digest our food. Although, some of its strain do cause problems to us. It’s timeContinue reading “E. coli, the green celebrity!”

Project Sweet Hydrogen

  Project, sweet, and hydrogen. Let’s talk about hydrogen first. How can hydrogen be obtained chemically? Heat fossil fuel : Environmentally unsound Split water: Environmentally very sound but expensive Hydrogen from sugar (xylose to be precise, aka wood sugar) The third one is the highlight of this article. Sweet hydrogen. In this project, hydrogen isContinue reading “Project Sweet Hydrogen”