25 email signatures and bio ideas for eco-conscious professionals

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com
  1. Creating a happily ever after, almost.
  2. I’m no runaway, I’m in it for the long run.
  3. Impact investing can buy a planet.
  5. 24 karat logic in the air.
  6. Oopsy hazy.
  7. Close the loop and treat the poop.
  8. Close the loop because we are in a soup.
  9. We did start the fire.
  10. Clam ate my change. Also climate change.
  11. Waste is stealth.
  12. Fission impossible.
  13. Don’t worry be green.
  14. Planet Bae. (Bae – Before anything else.)
  15. Painting the town green.
  16. Being around the bush.
  17. Every cloud has a green lining.
  18. So far so green.
  19. Better green than never.
  20. I hate ice breakers.
  21. Throw caution to the wind, not pollution.
  22. I beg your carbon.
  23. Through thick and green.
  24. It’s like riding a bicycle.
  25. Fortune favors the green.

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