Anuja Sawant Sarangdhar

DSC_0212Hi, I’m Anuja Sawant Sarangdhar. I’m an environmental services professional, brought up in Mumbai, India. I now live in New Jersey, USA. I studied green technology and chemical engineering, after which I started my career through what I call ‘learning out loud’ by writing on a variety of environmental topics on my blog. I’ve been doing so for four years now. In the process of learning, I became a generalist, given the interconnections of environmental, social, and economical issues, the three pillars of sustainability. This gave me a broad base of knowledge.  Along the way I would like to have the kind of training that would offer me depth as opposed to the breadth, to develop a deep understanding of a topic. With that in mind, in the past few years, I have worked with not-for-profit organizations that promote green chemistry, renewable energy, energy conservation, and carbon footprint reduction, and an environmental consultancy where I was involved in national and international projects focusing on Waste to Resource Management, Environmental Reporting, and Sustainability Publication.

If you are looking for someone with such a mix, send me an email. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn. Please feel free to email me at ✉: anuja@AnujaSawant.com. You will also find me on Twitter and also on Facebook posting recent environmental updates. My YouTube channel has some curated videos on the subject of environment. I’m also on Behance, posting random drawings, doodles and photographs. Sometimes, not so random. Here are a few on environmental awareness.

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