Latest blog posts

Disruption: A Film by Kelly Nyks & Jared P. Scott

A review on a film on climate change – activism, politics, economics

What do undergraduates and professionals have in common?

August 24th 2014

First published on LinkedIn, this post invites you to share your experiences in your college and workplace.

Why you should keep in mind your environment when celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi

August 23rd 2014

Documented research on negative impacts of current festive culture on the environment demands action on part of the people and the government of India. This post walks you through some of this research.

An HSE primer on sulphur related chemicals & processes

July 31st 2014

This post has been first published at CHENGINEER , blog on Process Simulation & Engineering by Sumit Asrani 

Polluted atmospheric layer in the making

July 16th 2014

On taking a smog for an Asian Brown Cloud. How the giant brown clouds affect health with a brief introduction to aerosols and particular matter.

A letter from the Sun

July 4th 2014

If the sun could talk and write like us humans, would he write a letter to us? An attempt at making an infographic that speaks of progress in solar energy.

Book Review: Pollution by N. Seshagiri

July 1st 2014

A review of a book on pollution in India with pretty paintings.

Joyride in the Mumbai Metro train

June 28th 2014

Observations and study of the Mumbai Metro as I plunge into this brimming train on a warm and humid day.

Litterbug is not a bug or is it?

June 25th 2014

Starts with a story of a fictional character struggling through a litter impasse. Research on littering, its consequences and why it is important for a city to be clean.

Tracing the carbon footprint

June 22nd 2014

Published on GreenHatters, an introduction to carbon footprint.

Green engineering principles and applications

June 17th 2014

A chemical engineer’s efforts to greenify chemical industry with real examples and not just theories.

Inequality in labeling chemicals

June 11th 2014

From observation on a chemical tank to questioning why don’t all consumer chemical bear indistinguishable labels for quick identification.

A case of ecological illiteracy: Mumbai flood

June 8th 2014

Conditions developed in the form of a massive flood due to disregard for environmental expertise.

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