Latest blog posts

An HSE primer on sulphur related chemicals & processes

July 31st 2014

This post has been first published at CHENGINEER , blog on Process Simulation & Engineering by Sumit Asrani 

Polluted atmospheric layer in the making

July 16th 2014

On taking a smog for an Asian Brown Cloud. How the giant brown clouds affect health with a brief introduction to aerosols and particular matter.

A letter from the Sun

July 4th 2014

If the sun could talk and write like us humans, would he write a letter to us? An attempt at making an infographic that speaks of progress in solar energy.

Book Review: Pollution by N. Seshagiri

July 1st 2014

A review of a book on pollution in India with pretty paintings.

Joyride in the Mumbai Metro train

June 28th 2014

Observations and study of the Mumbai Metro as I plunge into this brimming train on a warm and humid day.

Litterbug is not a bug or is it?

June 25th 2014

Starts with a story of a fictional character struggling through a litter impasse. Research on littering, its consequences and why it is important for a city to be clean.

Tracing the carbon footprint

June 22nd 2014

Published on GreenHatters, an introduction to carbon footprint.

Green engineering principles and applications

June 17th 2014

A chemical engineer’s efforts to greenify chemical industry with real examples and not just theories.

Inequality in labeling chemicals

June 11th 2014

From observation on a chemical tank to questioning why don’t all consumer chemical bear indistinguishable labels for quick identification.

A case of ecological illiteracy: Mumbai flood

June 8th 2014

Conditions developed in the form of a massive flood due to disregard for environmental expertise.

Are you eating hazardous chemicals?

June 4th 2014

A tale of mango season threatened by calcium carbide and what can consumers do about it.

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