A case of ecological illiteracy: Mumbai flood

I was 15 when Mumbai submerged. It was just another rainy day for us until we saw the sewage had started to overflow and the land in front of our house was nowhere to be seen. It happened so quickly that soon water was everywhere. We lived in a two-storey house. We moved our precious belongingsContinue reading “A case of ecological illiteracy: Mumbai flood”

Green pickle of agriculture

Amidst climate change, oil crisis and the rest, I’ve been recently reading a lot on food and agriculture. Or may be it is just the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon wherein I’m unusually affected by issues in the agricultural sector and everybody else is talking about it too. Take it from the conferences that are held by PlanetContinue reading “Green pickle of agriculture”

Water pollution in China and India

On August 2nd, 2013, I re-blogged an article ‘The greening of China’ in my blog titled ‘Optimistically green China‘. While China intends to go greener, another renewable energy, hydropower, cannot be overlooked. A study by Sean Gallagher, a Beijing-based British environmental photojournalist mentioned that ‘renewable energy has no negative consequences’ is a myth, busted in a guestContinue reading “Water pollution in China and India”