SolarChat on Twitter: American Corporate Solar Champions

Last week, I participated in a #SolarChat on Twitter, “American Corporate Solar Champions,” which showcases corporate solar champions featured in SEIA’s “Solar Means Business” report. Questions from Raina Brett Russo ‏@EcoOutfitters. Here are some of the questions that interested me and to which I answered: Q WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE MOTIVATOR FOR A COMPANY LIKE GM AND OTHERS TO GOContinue reading “SolarChat on Twitter: American Corporate Solar Champions”

Solar for elec…naah, heat!

“Utilization ratios — the proportion of solar radiation reaching a collector’s surface that can be converted to usable process energy — of over 60% can be obtained by integrating solar thermal equipment in industrial systems. By comparison, photovoltaic systems typically have an efficiency of around 15%. ” – Solar energy can not only be transformedContinue reading “Solar for elec…naah, heat!”