Making the transition

How much coal is there in the world? Where is it found? How much of it should we keep in the ground to avoid negative environmental impacts? Can renewable energy really replace it? How is the transition going to look like? Some statistics from the World Coal Association: There are an estimated 1.1 trillion tonnes of … Continue reading Making the transition

SolarChat on Twitter: American Corporate Solar Champions

Last week, I participated in a #SolarChat on Twitter, "American Corporate Solar Champions," which showcases corporate solar champions featured in SEIA's "Solar Means Business" report. Questions from Raina Brett Russo ‏@EcoOutfitters. Here are some of the questions that interested me and to which I answered: Q WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE MOTIVATOR FOR A COMPANY LIKE GM AND OTHERS TO GO … Continue reading SolarChat on Twitter: American Corporate Solar Champions

Solar for elec…naah, heat!

"Utilization ratios — the proportion of solar radiation reaching a collector's surface that can be converted to usable process energy — of over 60% can be obtained by integrating solar thermal equipment in industrial systems. By comparison, photovoltaic systems typically have an efficiency of around 15%. " Solar energy can not only be transformed … Continue reading Solar for elec…naah, heat!