Interview with The Solar Man सौर मानव, Sachin Shigwan

I have been following Sachin Shigwan’s work on LinkedIn for a while now. I am impressed and I wanted to share his journey with you all through this interview. Sachin Shigwan is the Managing Director, Green India Initiative Pvt. Ltd which is a CSR Consultancy and an Engineering Procurement and Contract (EPC) partner for CSR; … Continue reading Interview with The Solar Man सौर मानव, Sachin Shigwan

Humans of my neighborhood

According to Brandon Stanton of the Humans of New York, it all began as a photography project to create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants. Over the years, it started featuring stories from over twenty different countries. I think I would find very few people not touched by these stories. You can see 17 "Humans of" … Continue reading Humans of my neighborhood

Pick a challenge

Practice what you preach. Doing so is tough. Admitting this is not just humbling but also reassuring. To obsess over perfection stalls us to take those steps we need to take to do what aligns with our values. So, pick a challenge, take a pledge. Take your time. Learn and apply. Take inspiration if you … Continue reading Pick a challenge