Water mining in India and its consequences

Water mining causes not just the depletion of water, a non-renewable source, but it is ironically raising sea-levels. Little drops of water are making a mighty ocean in that sense. Here’s trying to understand what water mining really is, its situation in India, and technological solutions available to protect this precious resource. Definitions: Fossil water or paleowater is groundwater that hasContinue reading “Water mining in India and its consequences”

Optimistically green China

“Its current five-year plan calls for a rise in the proportion of power generated from non-fossil fuels of 3.4% to 11.4% of total energy use by 2015, to be accompanied by a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 17% compared with 2010.” – John Pearson at che.com Read more about how China is going green in thisContinue reading “Optimistically green China”