Polluted atmospheric layer in the making

‘What is that layer?’, I exclaimed, when I photographed this on my journey to Uran a few months back. ‘That’s pollution’, I said as I gazed at the distant industries at the shore. It looks brown but is it the unsightly Asian brown cloud? It could be a photochemical smog. Its brown color reflects its NOx content. A process inContinue reading “Polluted atmospheric layer in the making”

Litterbug is not a bug or is it?

In a 2006 Indian film, an underworld don turned Radio Jockey tries to resolve callers’ problem with lessons learnt from Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhism/Gandhigiri). One such scene involves a caller fuming over an issue with his neighbor. His neighbor happens to be a compulsive spitter. I wonder if his compulsiveness to spit on the caller’s door hasContinue reading “Litterbug is not a bug or is it?”