Optimistically green China

"Its current five-year plan calls for a rise in the proportion of power generated from non-fossil fuels of 3.4% to 11.4% of total energy use by 2015, to be accompanied by a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 17% compared with 2010." - John Pearson at che.com Read more about how China is going green in this … Continue reading Optimistically green China

Inherently Safer Plants – Part I

"What you don't have, can't leak!" These are the words of Mr Trevor Kletz, ICI and LU. If you develop, operate and control a chemical process such that bad consequences are reduced, owing to different chemistry, chemicals, conditions or simplicity, wouldn't the safety of the plant be improved? Is this better than layers of protection? … Continue reading Inherently Safer Plants – Part I

Accepting reality

Are green chemistry principles feasible? Can they be scaled to plants? Can the industries helps the environment and at the same time profit from it? First, let's look at the ideal process parameters. An ideal process should be green, because it not only is safe to the environment but at the same time saves a … Continue reading Accepting reality