Water mining in India and its consequences

Water mining causes not just the depletion of water, a non-renewable source, but it is ironically raising sea-levels. Little drops of water are making a mighty ocean in that sense. Here’s trying to understand what water mining really is, its situation in India, and technological solutions available to protect this precious resource. Definitions: Fossil water or paleowater is groundwater that hasContinue reading “Water mining in India and its consequences”

Indian Dyestuff Industry

Most of these industries are batch processes. These industries produce around 90,000 tons of dyes, out of which 10% is exported. Covering coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat, these industries are located majorly in the belt of Ahmedabad to Chiplun. Coastal areas are preferred since these processes are water-intensive. Other than water, the most common substanceContinue reading “Indian Dyestuff Industry”

Solar for elec…naah, heat!

“Utilization ratios — the proportion of solar radiation reaching a collector’s surface that can be converted to usable process energy — of over 60% can be obtained by integrating solar thermal equipment in industrial systems. By comparison, photovoltaic systems typically have an efficiency of around 15%. ” –che.com Solar energy can not only be transformedContinue reading “Solar for elec…naah, heat!”