Joyride in the Mumbai Metro train

It took almost a century for the whole of India to have a railway system after it was first introduced from Bombay (now Mumbai) to Thane. This train ran on a steam engine. Modern trains in cities like Mumbai now work on electricity and long-journey trains on diesel. The ones that run on electricity have aContinue reading “Joyride in the Mumbai Metro train”

Litterbug is not a bug or is it?

In a 2006 Indian film, an underworld don turned Radio Jockey tries to resolve callers’ problem with lessons learnt from Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhism/Gandhigiri). One such scene involves a caller fuming over an issue with his neighbor. His neighbor happens to be a compulsive spitter. I wonder if his compulsiveness to spit on the caller’s door hasContinue reading “Litterbug is not a bug or is it?”

Can bioplastics take over the world?

Plastics have most commonly and in large quantities been derived from petrochemicals. We call them ‘petroplastics’ or ‘fossil fuel plastics’. Bioplastics on the other hand are plastics made from renewable biomass sources, such as cellulose. Did you know? The first man-made plastic was manufactured from cellulose. It was called Parkesine. Not all bioplastics are degradable though.Continue reading “Can bioplastics take over the world?”