Water filtration by tomato and apple peels

In order to enhance the ability of apple peels towards extraction of negatively charged pollutants, Mr Ramakrishna immobilised naturally occurring zirconium oxides onto the surface of apple peels. Zirconium loaded apple peels were found to be able to extract anions such as phosphate, arsenate, arsenite, and chromate ions from aqueous solutions. Read more:  NUS researchers … Continue reading Water filtration by tomato and apple peels

Solar for elec…naah, heat!

"Utilization ratios — the proportion of solar radiation reaching a collector's surface that can be converted to usable process energy — of over 60% can be obtained by integrating solar thermal equipment in industrial systems. By comparison, photovoltaic systems typically have an efficiency of around 15%. " -che.com Solar energy can not only be transformed … Continue reading Solar for elec…naah, heat!

Green chemistry and catalysis

Catalysis helps us: reduce reaction time, which in turn saves energy selectively carry out parallel reactions, which again saves time and money required for separation of the side-products. Some side-products are harmful and dangerous. So it also keeps us safe. replace stoichiometric reagents with catalytic amounts of a substance, which helps us save resources and … Continue reading Green chemistry and catalysis