Interview with Henna Khan of Universe Simplified Foundation

How did Henna Khan and her team get kids excited about solving environmental issues through hands on projects? Find out in this interview.

E. coli, the green celebrity!

Escherichia coli or more commonly known as E. coli, according to me, happens to be the celebrity of the green world when it comes to biology in green chemistry. These are the friendly bacteria that live in our guts and help digest our food. Although, some of its strain do cause problems to us. It’s timeContinue reading “E. coli, the green celebrity!”

Indian Dyestuff Industry

Most of these industries are batch processes. These industries produce around 90,000 tons of dyes, out of which 10% is exported. Covering coastal areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat, these industries are located majorly in the belt of Ahmedabad to Chiplun. Coastal areas are preferred since these processes are water-intensive. Other than water, the most common substanceContinue reading “Indian Dyestuff Industry”