Green engineering principles and applications

The word ‘chemical’ has always gained negative attention in the eyes of the public even when it enhances their lives. This is because of the side-effects these chemicals have on the environment and their health due to pollution and toxicity. The chemical industry basically produces 4 kinds of chemicals: Commodity chemicals: Chemicals that are used byContinue reading “Green engineering principles and applications”

Water filtration by tomato and apple peels

In order to enhance the ability of apple peels towards extraction of negatively charged pollutants, Mr Ramakrishna immobilised naturally occurring zirconium oxides onto the surface of apple peels. Zirconium loaded apple peels were found to be able to extract anions such as phosphate, arsenate, arsenite, and chromate ions from aqueous solutions. Read more:  NUS researchersContinue reading “Water filtration by tomato and apple peels”