Teaching sustainability at an early age

Photo by Anastasiya Gepp on Pexels.com How many of us wish we had learnt something different back in school? Something that would be immediately transferable and useful once we got out of there. What if we taught Book of Life in schools? What if “investing is for boys” is not the message we gave out to our kids. What if … Continue reading Teaching sustainability at an early age

Green Chemistry for Chemistry Students

Green Science Project - Reed College

(The May/June 2012 newsletter of the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute recaps a Q&A session with Dr. David Constable about “Measures of Green Chemistry Performance.” Some questions dealt with green chemistry in undergraduate and graduate education and are reproduced below. Go here to read more of the Q&A with Dr. Constable, or even better, go here to watch the full length webinar.)

From “Measures of Green Chemistry Performance”, 8 March 2012, Dr. David Constable –An ACS Green Chemistry Institute ® Webinar

Q: What one thing, other than the 12 principles, would you most like undergraduate chemistry majors to learn about Green Chemistry in industry?

A: How to think about solutions to the chemical problems they are trying to solve. Undergraduates still learn reactions and approaches to chemistry that are based in the 19th century, not the 21st. Green chemistry requires the synthesis of many scientific disciplines beyond the fundamentals…

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Will My Child Learn Green Chemistry?

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Elise Miller, MEd
CHE Director

Every other week my seven-year-old goes with his buddy after school to ‘chemistry club’—meaning they spend an hour with a retired science teacher who taught in various schools for 40 years. His “lab” is something out of the early 20th century, complete with rows of dusty bottles with handwritten labels noting specific chemicals or simply “danger”, wires and gadgets that cover shelves and spill out of boxes, and an antique wood stove that never quite gets the room warm. He introduced the periodic table on the first day, and since then, has shown them everything from electromagnetic fields to explosive chemical reactions. The boys love him, even though he shifts quickly from one experiment to the next and gives them information that I recall not learning until at least high school.

Given the 20 years I have worked on environmental health issues, I observe this…

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