Interview with the Green Comedian Vasu Primlani

Today’s blog post is an interview with Vasu Primlani, a celebrated speaker, environmentalist, actor, professor, somatic therapist, triathlete, baker, and is one of India’s top comedians. She employs comedy to disseminate issues of social messaging, particularly around boundaries, civic sense, gender equity, and the concept of consent, per US civic society standards. She is one … Continue reading Interview with the Green Comedian Vasu Primlani

Harmon(e)y with environment

Environmental Economics on Wikipedia is a pretty good start for those who want to learn about you know - Environmental Economics. But what is it? It tells you about how we choose to use resources and how it affects our environment. If it weren't for this, companies wouldn't have been levied with taxes for polluting … Continue reading Harmon(e)y with environment