Learning from nature

Why make our own mistakes when we can learn from nature? Through unfathomable amounts of trial and error that nature has gone through, it would only be wise to learn how nature does what it does. Biomimicry is what we name - our process of learning from nature. The earliest of examples of biomimicry has been … Continue reading Learning from nature

Design of experiments

It is a such a mess without proper organization and good design of experiments. Without proper organization and good design of experiments you lose time, energy, resources and peace of mind. Design of experiments should be a requisite for greener research. Many of the current statistical approaches to designed experiments originate from the work of R. A. … Continue reading Design of experiments

Go Planet!

I grew up watching Captain Planet and the Planeteers, an American animated environmentalist television program. I used to like the idea of doing something for planet earth. But as I grew up, I read and heard about the problems our earth is facing, the politics and most importantly how incomplete my knowledge is. In the process, … Continue reading Go Planet!