Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Business Development

Integrate sustainability into all areas of your business. Meet your environmental and social goals towards becoming a responsible corporate citizen. Get an outside perspective on the risks and opportunities for your organization.

  • Materiality assessment and impact analysis, determine priority focus areas, simplified and organized data collection and management
  • Network expansion through partnerships – local organizations, academic and scientific community
  • Stakeholder engagement and stewardship development
  • Ongoing training and development programs for employees
  • Innovative training programs to quickly bring new employees up-to-speed, volunteer opportunity creation, and future leaders and ambassador development
  • Environmental and social performance audit
  • Worry-free planning and coordination
  • Budget planning
  • KPI reports


Research & Content

Connect with your customers with engaging content by synthesizing environmental and social information relevant to them. For your website, newsletters, courses, webinars and much more.

  • Curated online information, comprehensive research on a specific topic, product, or a service
  • Research and develop resources, tools, case studies and other materials 
  • Develop materials including case studies, newsletter articles, blogs, eBooks, product descriptions, website content, etc.
  • Create a website in Mailchimp or WordPress
  • Peer-reviewed online scientific research
  • Copywriting
  • Technical writing – white paper, standard operating procedures (SOPs), manual
  • Proofreading services for businesses, academics, students, authors, and jobseekers


Social Media Engagement

Utilize Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for expanding your reach, raising funds, and building partnerships.

  • Develop social media marketing plan and execute it if required (i.e., write and publish posts and campaigns, interact with platform users, etc.)
  • Receive an annual calendar of engagement opportunities specific to the organization’s goals
  • Graphic design support for posts, campaigns, and events
  • Engagement report to assess engagement rate and reach



Online fundraising, strategy development, grant writing social media promotion, and content creation to support your campaigns.

  • Assist in fundraising support including grant RFPs and concept notes
  • Customized list of relevant foundation and government grants
  • Proposal boilerplate for grant applications, letter of intent, cover letter, letters of support from partners
  • Proofreading and editing for grant applications
  • Review internal reports to distill information, making compelling arguments to sell the success of your organization’s work, mission, and history
  • Create documents with personnel bios
  • Drawing from already written technical content, adapt writing for new proposal formats and pitches
  • Marketing strategy as per the client goals along with content creation
  • Participation on behalf of the organization in group discussions and dialogues by engaging relevant groups and communities, and paid campaign creation
  • Annual calendar of creative and unique donor engagement opportunities and campaigns


Capacity Building

Create and validate content, design course materials to meet learning objectives. Work with subject matter experts to determine learning needs,. Gather and analyze data to identify areas of improvements for better learning experiences.

  • Develop web-based and self-directed learning resources including eLearning, course curriculum, and case studies
  • Maintain existing learning programs to ensure learning materials are up-to-date
  • Support team members to ensure the department’s overall goals are achieved
  • Design tailored workshops on environmental, social, and sustainability topics.


Why hire me

  • You need someone who understands environmental, social, and sustainability needs and goals of organizations.
  • You need to work with a person vs. a big organization.
  • You need someone who is self-driven and self-managed.
  • You are overwhelmed. You find yourself doing repetitive tasks or you are doing stuff you don’t want to do.
  • When business is growing you are turning away opportunities. You are too busy for business development.
  • You need a fresh eye to enhance your performance.
  • You’d benefit from an outsider who can provide a medium for change outside of internal politics.
  • You are comfortable hiring a remote consultant.