General pricing below in USD. Currency and pricing varies as per the client’s location.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

CSR Consultation
Review existing CSR plans and recommend improvements on a monthly basis.
$75.00 per month
Volunteer’s Roster
Develop a annual roster of volunteering activities that align with your organizational values and your geographical location.
$100.00 annually
Research possible partnerships for your organization.

Research & Content

Landing Page
Write landing page content for your campaign.
Proofreading Services
Secure and confidential service for businesses, academics, students, authors, and jobseekers.
$10.00 per page
Create a newsletter template in MailChimp, collate existing content and weave it into the new template in a monthly recurring service.
$20.00 per template and $10.00 per month after
Product Descriptions
5 product descriptions of up to 120 words, each of compelling product description posted to your eCommerce website.
Technical Writing
Environmental regulations, standard operating procedures (SOPs), white papers, user manuals.
$10.00 per page
Online Research
Peer-reviewed research for your choice of topic.
$20.00 per hour
Data Visualization
Create upto 10 graphs from your monthly data using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
$50.00 per month
Profile Interview
Interview a professional in your field of work on behalf of your organization.
$50.00 per interview
Write a one-off blog post or a 4-part series with one round of editing. E.g. 300 words (short) – 500 words (medium) – 700 (long). 
$1.00 per word

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Templates
Create template for your regular posts or group chats.
$25.00 per set of template
Social Media Page
Create a custom banner graphic, populate profile/page sections such as About and organization information etc.
$30.00 per page
Social Media Scheduling & Publishing
Schedule and publish posts monthly for your organization. 5 posts per week. Engagement report with statistics.
$40.00 per month
Annual Calendar
Develop an annual calendar of industry related events and important days.
$100.00 annually


Social Media Fundraising Plan
Develop a social media fundraising plan and an annual calendar of fundraising opportunities.
$100.00 annually
Grant Boilerplate
Create a boilerplate for grant applications.
Grant Applications
Apply for grants using existing an boilerplate.
Grant Resources
Get a customized list of relevant foundation and government grants.
Data Visualization
Create upto 10 graphs from your monthly fundraising data using Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
$50.00 per month

Capacity Building

Write an e-book.
$100.00 per 50 page e-book
Develop a course curriculum.
$50.00 per course
Case Studies
Write case studies.
$10.00 per case study
Design tailored workshops on environmental, social, and sustainability topics.
$100.00 per workshop