Amazon Rainforest Conservancy, Canada

The Amazon Rainforest Conservancy work depends entirely on donations from supporters who share their passion for the natural world. As a fundraiser, I developed a Social Media Strategy and an Annual Calendar of opportunities. In an ongoing effort to raise more funds, I visualize their fundraising data to promote transparency and attract more funding, and work on their annual fundraising campaign.

Red Dot Foundation Global, North America

Red Dot Foundation Global supports work against sexual violence. I have helped their Indian arm Safecity (India) by developing educational material on sanitation and hygiene for girls in the age group of 12-15 years, overseen the production of their monthly North American newsletter with the collation of contributions from its various team members, panning, organizing, and editing the content.

Green Fashion Week, Italy

Green Fashion Week (GFW) is an international event supported by GD Major and FSA and patronized by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea in collaboration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. For GFW, I have blogged on the secondary clothing market and probed sustainability reports of fashion giants for environmental and social performance.

GreenHatters, USA

GreenHatters focuses on creating awareness for carbon emissions with their app CarbonGobbler. They also provide Advisory Consulting on Energy Conservation and Carbon Emissions planning and management for medium, large enterprise and government. GreenHatters had engaged me to write blogs to create environmental awareness.


Helped IKEA reach its sustainability goals

Authored a paper on sustainable consumption and lifestyles published in the AIMS Journal of Research

Supported Dr. Prasad Modak of PM&A in developing one of the Chapters of the UNEP’s Global Waste Management Outlook Report and designed and developed the Integrated Waste Resources Toolkit

Wrote for ChEngineer.in as a Guest Writer

Partcipated as a Deputy Co-chair for Surrey Immigrant Advisory Round Table 

Provided a client with peer-reviewed research along the lines of philosophical and psychological effects of a specific ability on human health