Innovation Capitalism

India is one of the world’s fastest growing economies. Its propensity for innovation is apparent from a term widely used – jugaad. ‘Jugaad’ means an innovative idea for a resourceful improvisation. It is a land that hosts creative thinkers that have made place like Ralegan Siddhi a model for environmental conservation. By announcing newer reforms … Continue reading Innovation Capitalism

SolarChat on Twitter: American Corporate Solar Champions

Last week, I participated in a #SolarChat on Twitter, "American Corporate Solar Champions," which showcases corporate solar champions featured in SEIA's "Solar Means Business" report. Questions from Raina Brett Russo ‏@EcoOutfitters. Here are some of the questions that interested me and to which I answered: Q WHAT IS THE NUMBER ONE MOTIVATOR FOR A COMPANY LIKE GM AND OTHERS TO GO … Continue reading SolarChat on Twitter: American Corporate Solar Champions

Learning from nature

Why make our own mistakes when we can learn from nature? Through unfathomable amounts of trial and error that nature has gone through, it would only be wise to learn how nature does what it does. Biomimicry is what we name - our process of learning from nature. The earliest of examples of biomimicry has been … Continue reading Learning from nature