Green chemistry and catalysis

Catalysis helps us: reduce reaction time, which in turn saves energy selectively carry out parallel reactions, which again saves time and money required for separation of the side-products. Some side-products are harmful and dangerous. So it also keeps us safe. replace stoichiometric reagents with catalytic amounts of a substance, which helps us save resources andContinue reading “Green chemistry and catalysis”

What the industry needs

What is needed for an industrial catalyst? High stability High selectivity Activity Ease of availability I did not say high activity, since the kind of activity needed depends on the application. A highly active catalyst can affect the selectivity. Also, if the activity is lower than needed, it can be elevated using promoters. A catalystsContinue reading “What the industry needs”

What is a catalyst?

There, in your mouth, there is a catalyst at work, that accelerates the rate of digestion of the food you eat. It has a pretty name called ‘ptyalin‘. Without it, the starch in your food would take, I don’t know how long, to get hydrolyzed to glucose. This catalyst resides in the human saliva.  ItContinue reading “What is a catalyst?”