Aerobic treatment of wastewater

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Definition It is any treatment process that uses aerobes to biodegrade or oxidise or remove the unwanted organic or inorganic compounds.  In the treatment of wastewaters, the processes can be divided into suspended growth processes (e.g. activated sludge process, Figure 1) or attached growth processes such as rotating biological … Continue reading Aerobic treatment of wastewater

Anaerobic treatment of wastewater

INTRODUCTION: Definition: Any treatment process that uses anaerobes to remove unwanted organic or inorganic compounds is known as anaerobic treatment. [1] Anaerobe is a micro-organism that needs no free oxygen to develop. [1] Description: The first anaerobic treatment plant for industrial wastewater was built in 1929 for the treatment of wastewater from yeast production in … Continue reading Anaerobic treatment of wastewater

Waste management

Before we begin with the technical parts of waste management, I would like to share an article in which Dan McDougall reports from the chaos and filth of Dharavi in Mumbai, where a recycling industry is helping thousands claw a way out of poverty. Find the article here: Waste not, want not in the £700m slum. We can … Continue reading Waste management