About Anuja Sawant


Namaste and welcome.

For more than 6 years, I have been offering an array of eco-socio sustainability services in India & worldwide as a consultant, a service provider, a freelancer, an adviser, and an active partner.

In 2020, I founded Harita Marathi, a platform for environmental information, services, and products in the Marathi language, my mother tongue. Environmental information is scarce in this language. As an Editor in Chief, I strive to ensure that this gap is bridged.

My Approach

My dedication lies in understanding what motivates you to reach your goals and the circumstances you are surrounded by. Your voice, your values, and your message are an important part of our work together. This makes each project we work on a unique one.

I rely on the knowledge acquired working in the environmental industry over the years. Having lived in India, USA, and Canada, and working with clients worldwide, I am able to work with diverse groups of people.

Environmental solutions are not cut and dried. Therefore, when I provide my services I’m mindful of the social impacts of environmental organizations.

I’m comfortable using and working with technology platforms that my clients prefer. This makes working remotely feel effortless for my clients. When all is said is done, you will receive seamless project administration with monthly updates and invoicing. Currently based out in Vancouver, Canada I get my work done in the PST, EST, and IST overlapping timezones.

Helping Businesses, Not-for-Profit Organizations & Individuals

My services will help you build meaningful partnerships within the community, position yourself with well-rounded research and latest external developments for a visionary view, and become an environmentally responsible organization with practices and investments in the people and planet your businesses relies on.

Fill crucial gaps within your organization with services such as content writing, copyediting and proofreading, fundraising, capacity building, newsletter development, website creation, and social media engagement. Synthesize existing information or generate new relevant content that is relevant for your website, newsletters, courses, webinars, campaigns and much more. Fun fact: I created this website in WordPress and related marketing collateral in Canva, all on my own.

I have served IKEA as a Sustainability Developer and helped them achieve their sustainability goals. Several not-for-profit organizations such as Red Dot Foundation Global (Safecity) North America, Amazon Rainforest Conservancy Canada, Green Fashion Week Italy, and GreenHatters USA have benefited from these services. Individuals often reach out to me for marketing materials like presentations, resume editing, website creation, copyediting and proofreading, social media engagement and for general advice on their environmental initiatives. Friends have come to me with their research papers for guidance and proofreading.

Does this sound useful to you? If yes, let’s chat! I look forward to hearing from you – about your unique challenges. No matter if it is a quick-fix or a long-term project. It’s a journey we will take together until we reach our goals.



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