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Hello there!

As a child I hoped for a better world, but a part of me now fears the consequences of our actions as I’ve grown to understand them. “I won’t blow fire crackers”, “Don’t throw that trash anywhere!”, “Mummy, let’s buy a CFC free refrigerator”, were some of my most impassioned rulings when I was a kid. To the point, where I would pick a fight. I now have a more empathetic view of the world and the people around me. I try to understand why we do what we do and see us as a part of the whole, a child of what we call “mother nature”. I continue to practice gardening as I did as a kid. As an adult and a wife, I try to make sustainable choices. I am a proponent of learning to cook early in life – it is the best way to stay healthy I think, a topic for another day.

Through this blog, I not only share my experiences but also invite leaders to share theirs. Founded in 2012, this blog discusses a variety of topics:
– Waste/Resource Management and Recycling
– Pollution Prevention
– Toxicology and Healthy Living
– Renewable Energy
– Fair Trade
– Environmental Regulations

On this blog, I write on subjects that I try to understand and sometimes I share photographs, create infographics or compile interesting stuff into a series. I write about environmental science, climate change, pollution, agriculture, biotechnology, biomimicry, green business, renewable energy, toxicology, occupational safety, green living, waste management, interviews that I’ve conducted, notes from my Masters course, webinars, chats and a ‘Green India Series’ that bring stories of India’s environmental movement. Are you a student? You’ll find my notes useful.

Enjoyed my blog? I’d love to hear from you. You can connect with me on LinkedIn @anujasaw or Twitter @anujasaw or write to me at anuja (at) anujasawant.com.  Thank you so much for reading.



I have been working with and developing Sustainability projects nationally and internationally, in not-for-profit, consultancy, and corporate environments.

My areas of expertise include:
– Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
– Environmental Compliance
– Stakeholder Engagement
– Waste Management and Recycling
– Community Involvement
– Environmental Reporting
– Communications
– Social Media


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