since 2001 (3)

Namaste. My name is Anuja Sawant (Sarangdhar). I help individuals and organizations meet their environmental, social, and sustainability goals. My dedication lies in understanding what motivates people to reach these goals and the circumstances they are surrounded by. This makes each project we work on a unique one. Over the years, I’ve equipped myself with skills that help us to develop creative solutions to these unique opportunities. Creative and technical writing, content creation, social media, relationship building, engagement and project management are some of the skills I use more frequently than others.

I think I have a knack for connecting the dots, which proves helpful in our case. It allows me to see the bigger picture and use the interconnections to our advantage. I find this to be comforting in this overwhelming world of information, and I hope you will as well. My inquisitive nature may be the force behind this. I also take pleasure in things that are appealing to the human eye and I apply this to our creative materials.

To give you some background, I’m first and foremost a Mumbaikar but I call two more places home – New Jersey and Metro Vancouver. I am a Green Technologist and Chemical Engineer by training.

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You can listen to this podcast by Sustainable Century where I am interviewed about my journey from India to Vancouver.

I look forward to hearing from you – about your unique challenges. It’s a journey we will take together until we reach our goals.