Namaste and welcome. Are you here to improve the environmental and social performance of your organization? Are you here because you see a world with greater environmental and social consciousness? I can help. I offer an array of eco-socio and sustainability services in India & worldwide as a consultant, a service provider, an adviser, and an active partner.

I help progressive organizations meet their environmental, social, and sustainability goals. My dedication lies in understanding what motivates them to reach these goals and the circumstances they are surrounded by. This makes each project we work on a unique one.

Starting in 2014, as a freelancer and an independent consultant, I have served several not-for-profit organizations such as Red Dot Foundation Global (Safecity) – North America; Amazon Rainforest Conservancy – Canada; Green Fashion Week – Italy; and GreenHatters – USA. I have served IKEA as a full-time employee and helped them achieve their sustainability goals.

Having lived and worked in 3 countries – India, USA, and Canada, I bring two kinds of perspectives to the table – of an insider and an outsider. I’m first and foremost a Mumbaikar but I call two more places home – New Jersey and Metro Vancouver. You can listen to this podcast by Sustainable Century where I am interviewed about my journey from India to Vancouver.

Does this sound useful to you? Do you think we could do this? If yes, let’s chat! I look forward to hearing from you – about your unique challenges. It’s a journey we will take together until we reach our goals.