About Me

Hi. My name is Anuja Sawant (Sarangdhar). I’m an Environmental & Social Specialist. I started this blog in 2012 as a personal log of what I learned as a student. Since then, my blog has grown to a community of an average of 1000 visitors every month.

This is where I offer my understanding of environmental and social issues and practices through research and conversation.

Where I’ve been and where I come from

I have served as Sustainability Developer at IKEA and worked with a consulting company Prasad Modak & Associates (PMA). I independently collaborate with several not-for-profits in the field of environment, sustainability, and human rights. I hold an MTech in Green Technology and BE in Chemical Engineering. Environmental and social issues see no boundaries, so there’s a global perspective to my writings. But, you will also find me mention India, USA, and Canada because I’ve lived here.


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Publication: Sawant, A. (2018). Sustainable consumption and lifestyles in modern times. AIMS Journal of Research, 13(1), pp. 40-55. (ISSN 2321 – 8487)