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Believe it or not, your thoughts are being constantly influenced by the people around you. These people may not be necessarily close to you and yet you are drawn to copy their choices. You don’t seek out to do that but it’s an automatic response.

There are many terms for this:

  • social influence
  • peer pressure
  • group pressure
  • compliance
  • internalization
  • identification
  • ingratiational

When it comes to the environment, this works either of these two ways: you either amplify environmental protection or environmental degradation depending on what you choose.

Did you see a person in line bring a reusable bag?

Did your friend get an electric car?

Does someone in your community plant trees?

Does your child’s schoolmate not waste pages in a notebook?

Did your neighbor have an ecofriendly wedding?

You could be that person, that friend, that someone, that mate, that neighbor.

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