Weekly Twitter Chats on Waste Management in India

I would like to invite you to participate in Daily Dump’s Twitter Chats, where the Waste Twitter community in India talks on various topics related to waste management and its allied sectors.

You can participate every week, Saturdays, 9:30PM IST. No registration needed, just show up and start tweeting using the hashtag #DailyDumpChat. If you miss a chat, there’s always another next week.

As a consultant to Daily Dump, I will be coordinating and moderating these chats. If you have any comments or concerns, email me at anuja @ anujasawant.com or DM me on Twitter @helloanuja

Helpful Tips

  • Follow Daily Dump’s Twitter Account @compostwali. You may also follow me @helloanuja on Twitter.
  • Twitter’s character limit is 280 characters per tweet.
  • In your answers, feel free to use photos or gifs appropriate to the questions.
  • For every question Q1, Q2, etc tag your answers with A1, A2, etc.
  • Follow and use the #DailyDumpChat hashtag to join in.
  • Engage with other participants! Like, tweet or reply to them.
  • Don’t forget to use #DailyDumpChat hashtag with your answers or in your replies to other participants.
  • See below screenshot from one of the Twitter Chats. Search the #DailyDumpChat and you can see previous chats. Use the “Latest” tab when chatting live.

Have questions? Comment below or DM me at @helloanuja on Twitter.

Happy chatting!

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