25 pieces of evidence you are guilty of creating more waste

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
  1. You forget to carry your water bottle.
  2. You don’t opt for paperless bills.
  3. You don’t take a list on your grocery trip and end up buying stuff you don’t want.
  4. You don’t carpool.
  5. You don’t learn to cook or don’t have time to.
  6. You don’t know how to use leftover food creatively.
  7. You take disposable travel-sized stuff when you travel.
  8. You use the hotel’s travel-sized stuff.
  9. You don’t write on the other side of the paper.
  10. You print too much. “Oops, I printed that to my office printer while working from home.”
  11. You don’t shop at the second-hand store.
  12. You don’t use a bar soap.
  13. You don’t advocate. Why do we need the toothpaste tube in a box?
  14. You haven’t tried reading an e-book yet.
  15. You can’t mend things or don’t get things mended.
  16. You don’t BYOC at get-togethers. Bring-your-own-cutlery.
  17. You don’t use reusable handkerchiefs and napkins.
  18. You take-out food in disposable containers.
  19. You buy stuff that doesn’t last long.
  20. You let the tap running.
  21. Recycling confuses you.
  22. You immerse or dispose stuff in the sea.
  23. You are careless with your phone so it breaks often.
  24. You don’t harvest rainwater or the sun’s energy.
  25. You devalue waste.

This list doesn’t consider personal limitations, geographical conditions, or eco-friendly materials. So, don’t take everything to heart. Just try what you can. Advocate and demand for change where you can. Whatever your score is, celebrate what you’ve already achieved. And if you feel you have a long way to go, take comfort in knowing that when everyone’s tries their bit it makes a huge difference.

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