What’s for dinner

🟥 Pearl millet noodles for dinner from Tamil Nadu. Mixed feelings about eating imported food as it adds to my carbon footprint, making its way from India to Canada.

🟥 Not so eco-friendly MLP (multi-layered packaging) seems to be keeping the food intact for its long journey. Outer packaging is not made of recycled content but not plastic.

🟧 Can’t seem to detach myself from exploring Indian food or any other type of food for that matter. How do you do that?

🟩 Encourages polyculture farming. People eat too much wheat aka gluten.

🟩 Used a cabbage that a friend gave me because it’d have gone to waste otherwise. They are too big.

🟩 Gluten-free. Gluten is known to cause permanent diabetes.

🟩 Happy. Satisfied.

What’s for dinner? A complex food system for the complex world.

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