Can someone give this a tune?

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Don’t try to solve everything at once, even when it is tempting to have the slate clean. Even if perfection is so alluring.

Don’t flaunt your cape for instant likes, gratifying up-votes, and quick fame. Flaunt it for ounces of encouragement, momentum, and real change.

Don’t feel like a misfit in this progressive world. You are a face, you have a place, beyond our database.

Not all LEGOs were built in a day. Hey.

Will you burn a little wood to keep yourself warm, or will you burn the house down? You are the owner of your soul, you are the layer of this town.

So stay safe in your cocoon. Not everyone is immune. Can someone give this a tune?


A poem, a rap, dedicated to all the people who want to do the right thing.

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