How to make an impact with your business

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Businesses can have a positive impact on the people and the planet. I like to help them by offering a variety of services such as CSR Advisory and Sustainable Business Development, Research and Content Creation, Social Media Engagement, Fundraising, and Capacity Building. I have previously served as a Sustainability Developer for IKEA and helped them reach their sustainability goals. I work with not-for-profit organizations from time-to-time to fill in some crucial gaps within the organization. I recently launched a environmental platform in a major regional language in India where businesses can make promote their impactful services and products.

So, how can businesses make an impact? I answered this and a few other questions during Startup Canada’s Twitter Chat on ‘Making an Impact with your Business.’

Why should every business aim to grow their environmental and social impact?

Businesses are world’s corporate citizens. Everyone’s participation is crucial for sustenance. Businesses can avoid the burden of environmental and social risks and manage these risks early to protect their organization’s continuity.

How can entrepreneurs reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental sustainability?

Always start with an audit for self-awareness. Setting a baseline is important to successfully measure a reduction in footprints.

How can entrepreneurs champion diversity and equality in their business and in their community?

Equal pay. Fair wages. Fair trade.

How can entrepreneurs engage employees in driving and growing their social and environmental impact?

Let them own the progress. Let them be invested in what you do.

What are Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) and how can entrepreneurs align their business with relevant goals?

SDGs are a good starting point for those starting out and a guiding north star for those continuing to develop in this area.

How can entrepreneurs leverage their businesses to support local, national and global charities and causes?

Partnerships are important for everyone to grow together. This is true sustainable business development. Without it your business is basically wearing blinkers.

How can entrepreneurs re-think their business models to put people and communities first – from cooperatives to community interest bonds and beyond?

If money is one of the variables in your decision making, rethink your business model to consider two more variables: people and planet. Identify ethical and environmentally friendly starting points.

How can entrepreneurs fold making small impacts into their everyday business practices?

It’s developing a mindset just like you do for keeping yourself healthy. Start with one sustainable exercise a day. Make your business mindful. 🙏

What is a B-Corp and how can every entrepreneur build their business into a B-Corp business?

B-Corp is what a business is called when it meets certain environmental and social standards. It’s a certification given by B Lab, a not for profit. Start by measuring and raising your ESG performance, transparently.

What resources, tools, technologies and training are available for entrepreneurs looking to grow their social impact?

@MITSHIFT @wb_research @climateinteract @goodgigsapp

What final piece of advice do you have for business owners looking to make an impact with their business? 

Start with sustainable business development SOON.

Do you need help raising the environmental and social performance of your business? Shoot me an email! My clients are all over the world and I work remotely.

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