Harita Marathi

It is my great pleasure to introduce हरीत मराठी Harita Marathi, an environmental platform that I developed in the Marathi language.

Marathi is a mother tongue to 83.1 million people and is the 10th most spoken language in the world. Environmental related information is scarcely available in this language. Harita Marathi provides a platform for environmental information, services, and products in this language.

How can this platform help you?

You can reach the many Marathi people by:

✔️ Selling your eco-friendly products

✔️ Promoting your environmental services and technologies

✔️ Promoting your nature and environment-related photos and videos

✔️ Sharing your Marathi writings on environmental topics – poems, short stories, articles etc.

✔️ Young environmental professionals can get their CV checked with our CV Scan and LinkedIn Makeover Services

✔️ Associations can promote their events and activites

✔️ Not-for-profit organizations can promote their campaigns

Translation and Marketing services (graphic design support) are available upon request.

Get a customized promotion that makes sense to you at the time –  whether you are seeking sales, investors, or mentors.

Help us improve this platform

Our Monthly Newsletter can be easily switched to English when viewed in the browser. See your offerings being promoted. >> Subscribe to our monthly newsletter

Your feedback is important to us. Help us help you. The survey is available in English. >> Feedback Survey

Sharing is growing. Share us with your network and grow with us.

With a platform that provides information in a language used by 83.1 million people, it aims to have a bigger impact on our environment. Would you like to be a part of it? 💚

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