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Chandra Kishore and I e-met over a cup of virtual coffee LIVE on Facebook and YouTube on April 12, 2020. Chandra is Founder, Indian Environment Network (IEN). IEN has launched the Indian EcoMarket featuring the consultants from India and abroad. To further this, IEN and I have shook hands on growing this network. Happy to be a part of one of the largest association of Indian Environment Professionals from all over the world.

That said, you can reach out to me if you or anyone you know needs my services. I can help with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability, Research & Content Creation, Social Media Engagement, Fundraising, and Capacity Building.

Think of me as your Consultant, Service Provider, Partner, & your Adviser

Choose from a range of remote services that fill crucial gaps within your organization without hurting your pocket. Meet your environmental, social, and sustainability goals. Take control of your environmental and social performance.

Helping Businesses

Lead the sustainability agenda and integrate sustainability into your daily business. Build meaningful partnerships within the community. Avoid the financial burden of environmental and social risks within your organization and manage these risks early in the game. Position yourself with well-rounded research and latest external developments for a visionary view. Comply with laws that protect the environment and the people. Protect your organization’s continuity from the unexpected and constantly changing circumstances. I have served IKEA as a Sustainability Developer and helped them achieve their sustainability goals.

Helping Not-for-Profit Organizations

Fill crucial gaps within your organization with services such as blogging, fundraising, capacity building, and social media engagement. Several not-for-profit organizations such as Red Dot Foundation Global (Safecity) North America, Amazon Rainforest Conservancy Canada, Green Fashion Week Italy, and GreenHatters USA have benefited from these services.

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