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I=11%,  N=38%,  F=33%,  J=22%, said a personality test I stumbled upon. INFJ is one of the 16 different personality types. The reason I take tests like this is to see how they match with my self-awareness, painting a picture from me outside of me. I don’t enjoy being put in a box like this but I like how it makes me ponder. Wondering about the conflict I feel in my personal and professional life, I always have had a strong inclination towards bettering our environment. Here are a few things from this test I found that may be a cause of the conflict I experience:

  1. Because their focus is on “the bigger picture,” their primary drivers and values, and the desire to “do good,” sometimes INFJs will find that reality or factual details get in the way of their lofty ideals, serious schemes, and dreams of a better tomorrow. Facts that do not support their ideas or that get in the way of the grand scheme may be ignored in their aspirational desire to reach nirvana.
  2. INFJs think deeply and intensely about their actions. Everything needs to fit into their values ecosystem so that work, life, beliefs, and people are all connected to the whole. Once they buy in, they are incredibly hard workers who will assume roles and responsibilities, even in areas others might avoid, as they are true crusaders for whom the cause can be everything.
  3. INFJs are so dedicated and motivated that they may devote their total being to a cause, a purpose, and sometimes a person. They may tend to idealize to their own detriment.

Some of my friends and family often have an advice for me when it comes to these traits. They notice the push and pull or see how quietly assertive I can be, sometimes concerned about my outspoken and reactive nature when it comes to environmental issues. All we can do is try I’ll just say, nobody is perfect and I don’t expect others to be perfect either. I’ve called it a day when someone once said to me, “People may not even be interested in trying!”.

If you are reading this, you probably somewhat share the same concern about our environment as I do. How do your internal dialogue and personality type shape your actions? How does it affect your goals? Personality tests are always a hit or a miss though. Taking these with a pinch of salt, what about your personality is getting in your own way and how do you deal with it? Take this personality test to find out, designed by a personality type expert, Penelope Trunk.

2 thoughts on “INFJ

  1. I’m very close to you – INTJ with tendencies towards INFJ. So, we’re both future-orientated and focussed on big concepts that will change the world. We have ideals; we work hard towards lofty goals. Beats me why people don’t just do exactly what the f*$£ we tell them!


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