Corona victors or vectors

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on

शिवाजी हवा आहे, पण आमच्या घरात नाही. (Shivaji hava aahe, pan amchya gharat nahi – We want a warrior, but not in our house.) Everyone likes a courageous and responsible role model, but they don’t want to become one or have one in their own family. Everyone wants the curve to flatten, but not everyone wants to stay home.

Same attitude, same account. We learn but may be just this time, just this crisis, going back to our old habits, our old thoughts, our old inclinations. We may forget the good ways, but our DNA remembers, our conscience remembers, nature remembers.

Raising awareness regarding the climate emergency, some people are saying it is time to flatten another curve. Do you feel the responsibility that comes with this curve as you do with the corona virus curve? Do you think that we will remember the progress we made so far? Or will it be another litter disaster, disregard for resources, and relaxation of norms for polluters?


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