Best environmental inventions of 2019

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Time comes up with a list of inventions every year that they think are ‘making the world better, smarter and even a bit more fun’. I combed through this list in search of technologies that relate to current environmental issues. Considering the status quo and public outcry, I expected to have a long list and so should you.

SmartHalo 2 would make you want to ditch your car.

Sneaker lover’s new love – Adidas’s fully recyclable sneakers. Disposing shoes was never this easy.

Farming that uses 95%! less water – AeroFarms. Yay, New Jersey!

I always talk about how systems need to get easier. Now, you can talk to your garbage bin.

Farmers in developing countries need the big data. Isn’t data power these days?

Solar suitcases for midwives. No more deliveries in the darkness.

Sanitary pads made of banana fibers. Made in India.

Milk this cow for some power milk. Energize!

Quit buying dehumidifiers. Get GENNYs that doubles as a clean water source.

Israel is on fire! Not literally. A lot of these inventions were made by Israeli inventors. Take this all-electric plane for instance.

Going after micro plastics in the ocean with this cool new tech!

Brand responsibility – keeping in check, keeping in Loop.

Edible coating for foods to help them last longer. Shopping frequency and food waste slashed.

Pollution to ink.

Plastic can be indefinitely recycled thanks to this tech.

No more toxic lawn chemicals.

Keep trade fair with blockchain.

Which one did you like the most? What did you expect to see instead?

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