Honesty and hypocrisy

Photo by Evie Shaffer on Pexels.com

“Practice what you preach” is loaded with so much pressure. So is perfection. It holds you by the hem with the intention of letting go at the slightest infringement.

Except you are not at the hem because gravity pulls from all sides. Unless there are other forces in play, there’s nothing that’s going to push you over the edge except the thought inside your head.

The next time you get anxious about your how your choices and actions impact the people and the planet, you have a choice to be honest or a hypocrite. You also have a choice to be forgiving.

How are you going to centre your mental energy that you spend on conserving this world of ours? What’s going to be your gravity? What will you come back to when you are faced with dualism?

Because whatever you decide is going to determine the continuum of your efforts or the fall of a human within you.

Reply to this post to ensure we continue to encourage each other, because everyone needs it irrespective of our shortcomings. I do too.

6 thoughts on “Honesty and hypocrisy

  1. “Practice what you preach” is a guiding principle. We can follow it as much as possible to help us contribute to the health of the planet and at the same time show others what each of us can do.

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    1. I agree. What I meant to say is sometimes your intentions may not match your actions because of certain circumstances. In this case, forgiving oneself to try again can yield better results than pounding oneself down only to give up under pressure.


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