I wish I had a spare heart

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“Sometimes I think I need a spare heart to feel all the things I feel.” ~Sanober Khan

This is how the article I read on Tiny Buddha today started out. But, what is the point of feeling something if you are not taking any action on it? What is the point of acting on it if you haven’t put a great deal of thought into it? What we feel strongly about is what we are passionate about. Here’s another version of passion in a LinkedIn post by Adam Grant:

Passion without perseverance is idle curiosity. Perseverance without passion is a grind. Passion with perseverance is grit. 

A few years back, I started writing this blog to raise more awareness about environmental protection. Since then, I’ve seen a lot of progress all around the world. Progress not just for the protection of our environment, but the whole of us – you, me, all the people, the planet and fellow species. Although, there were times when I felt frustrated over the lack of speed at which it was taking place. I am happy when I am now able to bring it up in the day to day conversations. I understand that not everyone reads my blogs. I understand that my methods need to evolve.

Everything takes time and when the most pressing issues take precedence, other issues take a back seat. That doesn’t mean that no one is going to work on them, that doesn’t mean we have to let it go. Somebody somewhere is thinking about it, acting on it. A problem may be small for one but maybe big for another. In times like these, I hope we find the grit we need. Because we cannot have a spare heart, but if all our hearts beat as one, we wouldn’t need one.

A good read for when you think you need a spare heart: How the Environment Has Changed Since the First Earth Day

2 thoughts on “I wish I had a spare heart

  1. I’m older than you so I remember even more progress on environmental issues – the banning of lead in petrol, the banning of CFCs as refrigerants, the introduction of the first solar panels. Anyone who despairs about the state of the world needs to look at all the changes for the better that have occurred over the past fifty years. The changes are huge. We are moving in the right direction.


    1. We have a saying in Hindi ‘तेरे मुंह में घी – शक्कर ‘ (Tere mooh mein ghee-shakkar) which translates into – May your mouth be full of ghee and sugar for bearing good news. :) True. I too have witnessed some of these milestones. I’m so happy to see this coming from someone other than me. :) You know what, I could write a blog on the milestone’s I’ve witnessed in my lifetime or rather in my life when I started understanding environmental protection. Thanks, Steve!

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