Introducing my new bi-weekly newsletter

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Beginning February 24th, 2018, a week from now, I’m starting a newsletter on environment and sustainability. I intend to make it a regular publication, and you will be receiving this newsletter every *other* Saturday.


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If you have already subscribed to my blog via email before this, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the newsletter. Those who have been automatically subscribed to the newsletter can choose to opt-out of the newsletter and stay on the blog, or vice-versa.


The newsletter will cater to two types of readers:

  1. Those who want to read about global developments.
  2. Those who want to read about developments specific to India and Canada.

Newsletter Content

Here’s what you can expect to see. The newsletter may contain any of the following:

  • News Round-up
  • Videos
  • Blogs or Educational articles
  • Upcoming Events or Workshops
  • Podcast
  • Quote
  • Products
  • Green Technologies
  • Statistics or Infographics
  • Case study
  • Success story
  • Personal spotlight or Profile
  • Seasonal tips
  • Resources
  • DIY or How-To’s
  • Courses
  • Special offers or coupons
  • Jobs

Be A Part Of This Newsletter

You can be a part of this newsletter by sharing anything related to environment and sustainability. It can be your own project! It can be any of the things mentioned in the list above. Credit where credit is due, I promise. Interested? Write to me at anuja [at]

Bi-weekly newsletter sponsorship

Become a Sponsor to promote your company, product, tool, or service directly to my readers. My readers share interests in environment and sustainability.  It will reach people subscribed to the newsletter via email. There are currently 52 subscribers. The sponsorship price is 50 USD per newsletter for Companies based in USA and Canada, and 1000 INR per newsletter for Companies based in India. You will get few lines in the newsletter about what you offer.

Contact me at anuja [at] to schedule a sponsorship or ask any questions you might have.


I’d appreciate any suggestions or feedback that you may have. I look forward to your comments on the first issue that will be published on February 24th. And yes, please share it with your friends and colleagues if you like it.

Last Edited: Feb 23, 2018. Instructions for the subscription are more explicit. Removed Newsletters Page. Changed newsletter frequency from weekly to bi-weekly based on recent feedback. Clarified sponsorship.

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