Who is phasing out what

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The world is phasing out fossil-fuels, old polluting vehicles, plastic products, toxic substances, nuclear power, biofuel, incandescent light bulbs, ozone depleting substances, waste imports, second hand clothes, food waste, and ivory trade. These are either gradual phase outs or immediate bans. So, who exactly is phasing out what? 

Who is phasing out fossil-fuels?

Who is phasing out old polluting vehicles?

Who is phasing out plastic products?

Who is phasing out toxic substances?

Who is phasing out nuclear power?

Who is phasing out biofuel?

Who is phasing out incandescent light bulbs?

Who is phasing out ozone depleting substances?

Who is phasing out waste imports?

Who is phasing out second hand clothes?

Who is phasing out ivory trade?

 Who is banning food waste?

Who is banning deforestation?

Last Edited: April 4 2018

4 thoughts on “Who is phasing out what

  1. Most news stories are doom and gloom and create a false narrative. Lots of progress is happening. I don’t understand the ban on second-hand clothes, however. Makes no sense. Just a weird kind of narrow-minded protectionism.

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    1. Phase outs are a way of saying we want to change something and for good. The ban on second hand clothes is a choice the country has taken in order to boost local industry. We are looking at a developing country that’s trying to develop.


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