10 reasons why we need green spaces in urban areas

The reasons why we need green spaces are various, whether they are indoors and outdoors, but with real plants and trees:

  1. Psychology: People are happier with trees around them. Trees provide a lot of health benefits.
  2. Refreshing: Trees purify the air we breathe. They bring down pollution and improve air quality.
  3. Bonds people: It brings us all together. Green spaces are shared by everyone – poor, rich, black, white, brown, any caste and creed. It fosters friendship.
  4. Safety: Green spaces makes a place more accessible to vulnerable groups such as women, senior citizens and children.
  5. Energy: Trees conserve energy, they give us shade.
  6. Urban heat island: Trees help reduce the creation of urban heat islands, an urban area that is significantly warmer than its surrounding areas.
  7. Water: Trees are a natural water filter. They act as mini reservoirs for storm water runoff. They retain water that would otherwise erode the land.
  8. Habitat: Trees provide a habitat for species in an urban area. They increase biodiversity if planted the right way.
  9. Noise: Trees act as a noise buffer.
  10. Business value: Green spaces are aesthetically pleasing, they add a feel good factor to cities. This increases the value for businesses as well as homes.

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