Do you believe in preparing for an apocalypse?

Image result for sea level riseWhat apocalypse? Denial. What denial? Apocalypse is the most tongue twisting word for me. Makes me spastic. Makes my brain spastic. It basically means the complete final destruction of the world. As I grew up I found how in so many ways our world could get destroyed. What world? For a mother, it could be her children. For an elephant tied to a chain, it could be where he is chained. World could mean so many things. “To the world you may be one person but to one person you may be the world,” said Bill Wilson. Who is Bill Wilson? Well, I don’t have an answer for everything but everyone has an some answer, warped by their perspectives.

Apocalypse to me meant different at different points of my life. Volcanoes going off at the same time. Meteor hitting us like it hit the dinosaurs. Sun stops to work. Vayu Dev takes away all the air on the Earth. Aliens. Polluted atmosphere. Robots invade. Cartoons, movies, and science have given my mind enough fodder. Right now, I’m all into sea level rise. As a newly married woman, I don’t want my husband and I to buy a house in coastal areas. However looming this newfound fear may be for me, I am mostly trying to making this world sustainable one day at a time to avoid this sea level rise in the first place.

What’s your apocalypse and how are you preparing for it?

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