Mind the environmental gap

gray bridge and trees
Photo by Martin Damboldt on Pexels.com

There is a gap between rising and pressing environmental issues and what we know about it. This gap is being constantly bridged through different levels. It’s like the movie Inception, a dream inside a dream in order to realize the ultimate goal.

Depending on how each government operates in different countries, environmental policies and regulations are strengthened through levels such as county or local, state, country and the overarching but yet the weakest and sometimes the strongest of the link – global regulations.

The issues are seen through different scientific sieves to screen out the array of possibilities that await us. That’s the scientific level seen through the lens of different scientific areas that together contribute to this research.

Under the umbrella of human intelligence, we perceive and feel these issues, sometimes making sense and sometimes polarizing them further apart.

Through this labyrinth, human spirits seem to find its way. There only seems to be a limbo in these infinite levels of how we deal with environmental issues when we don’t mind the gap when we don’t educate ourselves and others.

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