What is the monkey doing?

Hi. I’ve been revamping my blog for some days now and I just created a header for it. It has a monkey in it. I would like to know what you think is the monkey doing. Comment below, I’m waiting. :)




4 thoughts on “What is the monkey doing?

    1. I first started with juggling but thought it was anti human to do that so I thought let’s be positive about this. Mind control is close to what I thought to create but not what it is :D Nice try, Steve! Everyone sees things so differently right?

  1. The monkey seems to be balancing the tides of one world with earthquakes on the other globe. But it looks sleepy like it doesn’t much care, which is scary. Frankly, I think it’s head looks more like a lion with a mane.

    1. I knew I’d be going through a rabbit hole with this. Robin, what you imagine the monkey is doing is interesting. I can imagine the tides on one and the terrorizing earthquake on the other. Haha, what is a sleepy monkey doing with the globes?! May be it is meditating or checking up on it, feeling it? I wouldn’t have thought of it being a lion face but now that you say, it does a bit like a lion. Oh my god is it a lion? :O Do you know there is a species of monkeys called the Golden lion tamarin? ;)

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