Green India Series #3

Green India 3

From Food to Electricity, This School Produces Everything It Needs In Its Own Backyard

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Sholai School is its ecological and sustainability practices. Self-sufficient in terms of food grains, fruit and vegetables, and dairy products, much of its food is grown in its own backyard, using organic farming methods. It even exports home-grown coffee to Germany. The food cooked in Sholai is 100% vegetarian, using bio gas. So it’s fresh food, healthy food. The dairy not only produces organic milk but also organic cheese. Read more

Waste generates employment in Chhattisgarh’s Ambikapur

Commited to provide carbon sync for socio-economic development – Mr Raghav Chandra, Chairman, NHAI via @TERI on Twitter. Source

Delhi Airport to produce 20 MW through solar energy by 2020

Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL), the company that operates the Delhi airport, today said that it has enhanced the solar power generating capacity at the Delhi airport to 20MW by 2020. The airport operator has expanded the current capacity of solar power generation at the IGI Airport from 2.14 MW to 7.84 MW thus making the airport largely dependent on green energy. Read more

Mumbai noisiest city, Delhi at number 4: Central Pollution Control Board

Delhi may be the dirtiest city in terms of high air pollution but the dubious distinction of being the noisiest city goes to Mumbai which reported the maximum violation of safe noise levels for consistently longer periods during 2011-14. The observation came from the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) which in its latest report also noted how the noise pollution (noise level beyond the prescribed limits of 55 dB during day and 45 dB during night) can cause aggression, hypertension, hearing loss, tinnitus and sleep disturbance. Read more

This was a part of the Green India Series

4 thoughts on “Green India Series #3

  1. Many NGOs will come forward to start schools with holistic education similar to this one which is an exemplary model, but the government puts in all kind hurdles tom their efforts. Many state governments in India have moved away from people and the rulers feel that they are a different class who can do anything they wish. Now, there is no good role models for children to emulate.

  2. Good initiatives. .

    And i do feel that till local people start helping and understand the importance of these initiatives .. govt. Alone can’t do everything. .

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