Green India Series #2

Green India Series brings information on how India is performing in the environmental movement and the problems it is facing.

displaynumberone-300px Seed bombs to nature’s rescue, thanks to this Mumbai group’s initiative

Ever heard of a seed bomb? Well, don’t be surprised if you come across them in the city. A group of friends, all interested in wildlife photography and ecology, have started an initiative to make seed bombs and bury them in areas around Mumbai. The group ‘ffroge’ which stands for Friends For Reviving Our Green Earth was born out of the apparent imbalance between urbanization and environment. The seed balls technique has been used in Japan and the group prefers this technique to sow seeds rather than simply throwing the seeds in open spaces. Read more

displaynumbertwo-300px India likely to become net importer of sugar as drought dries fields

India is likely to become a net importer of sugar in 2016/17 as back-to-back drought years dry irrigation channels and ravage cane fields, with output in the country’s biggest producing state seen dropping over 40 per cent. That would mark the first time the nation has been a net importer of the sweetener in four years, with the switch likely to support global prices that have already been rising this year. Read more

Complement this with a video: Indian regions hit by worst drought in four decades. The worst drought in four decades ravages crops, kills livestock, empties reservoirs and also hits water supplies in parts of India. See the video here

displaynumberthree-300px Fire at bio-diesel plant in Visakhapatnam SEZ put out

The major fire which broke out at the Biomax Fuels Limited’s bio-diesel manufacturing plant was extinguished completely by this evening by some 40 fire engines. No casualties were reported. A top-level government officer said the building fire safety norms had not been implemented at the plant. The fire broke out at around 7.30 last evening at the plant located in the Visakhapatnam Special Economic Zone in Duvvada area. Read more

displaynumberfour-300px Assam’s tea gardens shape up to become second home to wild animals

Tea estates in the North East are creating shelters for animals driven from their original habitat by deforestation. The Apeejay tea company, which has 17 tea gardens in Assam, has tied up with World Wildlife Fund (WWF)-India to reduce human-elephant conflict in their tea estates. The partnership, which is of three years duration, began last year and has just completed its first phase in the “hot zone”, where the maximum impact of HEC is felt. Read more

displaynumberfive-300px KFC India is testing eco-friendly serving bowls that you can eat

In a global first, KFC is trying out edible serving bowls in India in order to make its products more eco-friendly. The edible tortilla bowls will replace the plastic packaging used for its India-specific dish called Rice Bowlz. The edible bowls will be initially tried out in two KFC restaurants in Bengaluru for a week, and may be introduced across the country, depending on its response. The tortilla bowls will be made fresh in the restaurants, by frying the flour tortillas using a special mould. Read more

This was a part of the Green India Series

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